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  • August 30, 2014

It was in 1923 when Mrs. Waller started the Guild of Service with a band of European women with the aim of promoting philanthropic activities. In 1936 several Indian women joined the Guild of Service – Mrs. Mary Clubwala, Mrs. Tara Cherian, Lady Andal Venkatasubbarao, Mrs. Appa Rao, Yuvarani of Pithapuram and many others.

Under the able leadership of Mrs. Clubwala, the Guild soon started growing in Chennai and other parts of India. Wives of Governors were normally Presidents and subsequently the Governors themselves held that position.

The early sponsors for the children and supporters of the Guild of Service were Lady and Lord Mountbatten, King Leopold and Princess Lillian of Belgium, Prince and Princess of Hess and Rhine and many others. Among the well-known Indians who personally assisted the Guild are Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Pandit JawaharLal Nehru, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and many others.

Dr.Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India on seeing the good work of the Guild of Service became the Patron-in Chief. Thereafter all Indian Presidents upto The Hon’ble K.R. Narayanan continued to be Patron-in-Chief of the Guild.

Many International Organizations have supported the Guild of Service from as early as the 1950s – UNICEF, OXFAM, Save the Children Fund, Terr Des Homes, Misrerror, Amicale International, Meals for Millions Foundation, CORSO, CASA, CARE, PLAN International and many more.

In India, the Guild works closely with the Central and State governments, Central and State Social Welfare Boards, Directorate of Social Defence, Round Tables ( Madras chapter), Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs and Helpage India.



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