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  • July 28, 2014

Leukemia Project (Estb 1988)

The Leukemia Project was set up in association with the Institute of Child Health, Egmore to provide life saving drugs for children afflicted with leukemia.

Many of the beneficiaries come from districts outside Chennai and some from other states for the treatment to ICH. Apart from providing for medicines and blood transfusions, the project is also involved in counseling parents on the need for proper follow up, nutrition and hygiene. Extra nutritional support, medical tests and conveyance costs are provided to assist the patient and the family financially. Educational support to the siblings is offered in some cases as most often they have to drop out of schools and start earning to supplement the family income. Realising the need for safe drinking water, Bubble top water is provided in the leukemia ward at the Institute of Child Health, Egmore for the patients.


With the leukemia afflicted child as the core beneficiary, the project assists the entire family by providing financial, educational and moral support. Presently 550 children are benefitting through this program. Due to paucity of funds, hundreds more are on the waiting list.

Urban & Family Welfare Centre (Estb 1964)

The Centre was started as a Health Centre. It was upgraded to a Maternity cum Sterilization Centre with aid from the World Bank. After closure of the Project in 1977, the Centre continued to render the same services, viz., ante natal, postnatal care, immunization, deliveries, sterilization and caesarean sections in elective cases.

The Centre also conducts the Pulse Polio Programme every year. Routine school health checkup, AIDS awareness and group meeting are also being conducted. The Ramalingam Medical Laboratory was started in 1998 at Mangalapuram and medical tests are conducted at nominal costs for the underprivileged.


In 2013, Lion District 324 A-8 tied up with the Family Welfare Centre and started a Dialysis Centre for the benefit of the needy. The Unit is progressing well and patients regularly come in for dialysis.



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