Good Governance

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  • July 28, 2014

Guild of Service believes in good governance, transparency and compliance of all statutory legislation. We constantly endeavour to better our management practices.

Guild of Service has a decentralized and federal work environment. The Board of Management provides the framework and lays down policy guidelines for the Organisation as a whole.

Board of Management: The Board of Management sets the vision and broad guidelines for the Organisation and ensures good governance in liaison with the Office Bearers.

Office bearers: The Office bearers of the Guild of Service comprise of the Chairperson, four Vice Chairpersons, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. The Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Joint Secretary look after the day to day operations liaise with the units and review their performance and operations. They report to the Board of Management.

Unit Managing Committee :Each unit has a Managing Committee which is completely involved in running it on a day to day basis. All operational decisions are taken by this committee. The Office bearers of the Guild of Service (Central) hold a review meeting with each unit on a quarterly basis. Major decisions of the managing committee are ratified by the Board of Management.

Financial Management

Guild of Service believes in complete transparency in its finances and fund management.

The Accounts team at each of the units of the Guild of Service comprises of competent and qualified accountants. Accounting software is used to maintain the accounts on a daily basis. Periodic internal audits of the different units are conducted by a dedicated internal audit team. External audit is done by M/S Manohar Chowdhury & Associates, Chartered Accountants.Government aided projects are further audited by government appointed auditors.



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